DCB Book Springer ed. published

DCB Book Springer ed. published

I am really proud to share the news on the publication of the DCB Book, edited by Springer U.S..

This is the most updated DCB textbook you can ever find. A panel of the most important experts worldwide participated to the project. I am really proud to share this extremely qualified group of physicians:

Patrick. W. Serruys, Kuniaki Takahashi, Dario Buccheri, Carlo Zivelonghi, Pierfrancesco Agostoni, Freek Nijhoff, Marco Ferrone, Juan F. Granada, Manish Doshi, Prakash Sojitra, Dinesh Shah, Sameer Dani, Alexandre Abizaid, Serdar Farhan, Birgit Vogel, Roxana Mehran, Fernando Alfonso, Javier Cuesta, Fernando Rivero, Marcos García Guimaraes, Teresa Bastante, Mostafa Elwany, Anouar Belkacemi, Pieter R. Stella, Gaetano Di Palma, U. Wickramarachchi, Simon C. Eccleshall, Donato Gerardi, Arturo Alfani, Giovanni Esposito, Eugenio Stabile, Dario Pellegrini, Roberto Nerla, Fausto Castriota, Alberto Cremonesi, Antonio Micari, Damiano Regazzoli, Marco Bruno Ancona, Pier Pasquale Leone, Azeem Latib, Satoru Mitomo, Richard J. Jabbour, Antonio Colombo.



FASICO NATIVES study published!

FASICO NATIVES study published!

I am proud to inform that FASICO NATIVES has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine.

After FASICO and NANOLUTE’ this is a crucial piece for the assessment of the safety and efficacy of Magic Touch sirolimus-eluting DCB. In this study, which will be available soon for the readers, we have conducted a core-lab assessment of the angiographic outcome of SCB for native coronary vessel disease. 

With more than one third of patients showing late lumen enlargement (just like the top-in-class paclitaxel DCB), the average LLL was 0.09mm in this cohort of consecutive small-vessel-disease patients.

Core lab analysis was performed by Cardialysis (Rotterdam, NL).

…waiting for the interim analysis of the EASTBOURNE study, 1043 patients, to be presented at EuroPCR 2019 as late breaking clinical trial!


Paclitaxel defendant for peripheral application-the point of some experts

Paclitaxel defendant for peripheral application-the point of some experts

Recently, a meta-analysis by Katsanos et a. showed an increase in late mortality after paclitaxel administration (either with DES or DCB) in the peripheral field (SFA).

The topic is hot and deserves a deep analysis of the available data. For the moment, our position regarding DCB is that the technology, if used in expert hands and following the available position papers, is safe and effective for the treatment of lower extremity disease.

Please, take a look at the recently published editorial of F Fanelli, T Zeller and myself in the Journal of Endovascular therapy.


Sirolimus coated balloon-presentation at DCB meeting in Birmingham UK

This is the short presentation for the DCB Course held in Birmingham, UK. This course, whose Director was S. Eccleshall, gathered the most experienced DCB-players worldwide. We shared our experiences and had fun – top experiences and science for the DCB fans!

SCB early clnical experience
FINAL DCB 8pp Flyer Proof