Sirolimus coated balloon-presentation at DCB meeting in Birmingham UK

This is the short presentation for the DCB Course held in Birmingham, UK. This course, whose Director was S. Eccleshall, gathered the most experienced DCB-players worldwide. We shared our experiences and had fun – top experiences and science for the DCB fans!

SCB early clnical experience
FINAL DCB 8pp Flyer Proof

EuroPCR coverage 2

EuroPCR coverage 2

This is MATRIX time @ EuroPCR 2016.

I had the privilege of presenting one of the most important subsidies of the Matrix trial, PI Marco Valgimigli, assessing the role of transradial vs. transfemoral PCI either in STEMI or NSTE-ACS patients undergoing invasive management.

Results were consistent with the main publication in Lancet last year, showing a significant benefit in terms of NACE and a strong trend in terms of improvement of MACE for the transradial approach.