Curriculum Vitae

Bernardo Cortese

Statement of Education and Qualifications

Name (First, Middle, Last)

Bernardo Cortese, 27.11.1975

Academic Qualification(s)

Interventional Cardiologist
University Master II level in structural heart disease

Current Position
-Consultant Interventional Cardiologist for coronary and structural heart disease (Columbus Clinic, Milano, Italy, and Vercelli Hospital, Italy)
-C.E.O.-DCB Academy
-President of the Scientific Committee-Fondazione Ricerca e Innovazione Cardiovascolare
-Director, Cardiology (Cath lab, EP lab, ICU), Clinica San Carlo, Milano, Italy- May 2022
-Coordinator of the International Fellowship Program-European Society of Cardiology (ESC), since 2013
-Coordinator of Clinical & Scientific Research
-Clinical & Scientific Research-Cardiovascular Dpt., Fondazione Monasterio CNR, Massa & Pisa (scientific affiliation)

Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (FESC)
Fellow of the Indo-European Course of Revascularization (FIECR)
Member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Society of Interventional Cardiology (GISE)
Contract professor, University of Milano (School on Internal Medicine)
Contract professor, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa (University Master in Interventional Cardiology)

Telephone NumberEmailWebsite
+39 334

Education and Training

Name and Location of InstitutionDegree and Year AwardedArea of Study
Classical High School “Galileo Galilei”, Pisa, Italy
Diploma, 1994Classical studies
Pisa University, Pisa, Italy
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Degree, a.y. 2000-2001Medicine & Surgery
Lenox Hill Hospital, New York USA Trainee at Arrythmology Unit, January 2003Cardiology
Trainee at Arythmology UnitLenox Hill Hospital, New York, USA, 2003Cardiology
Various cardiology clinics, New Jersey and New York State, USA
Group Study Exchange, sponsored by Rotary International, 2004Cardiology
Columbia University, NYC, USTrainee, 2004Advanced coronary interventions (Rotary International GSE program)
Group Study ExchangeVarious cardiology clinics, New Jersey and New York State, USA-2004Cardiology
Pisa University, Italy
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Specialisation diploma, Degree of Cardiologist, 2005
Mirano Hospital, Cardiology Hospital Monzino, ItalyMaster diploma, 2006
Treatment of complex coronary lesions
Interventional Cardiology
Villa Pini Hospital, Chieti, Italy
Course certif., 2007
Periferal interventional techniques
Interventional Cardiology
Le Molinette Hospital, Turin, ItalyCourse certif., 2007
Periferal interventional techniques
Interventional Cardiology
Casa di Cura Abano terme, PD, ItalyCourse certif., 2008
Diabetic foot­interventional techniques
Interventional Cardiology
Clinica Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, ItalyCourses certif., 2010, 2011 Carotid interventionsInterventional Cardiology
Clinica Città Studi, Milano, ItalyCourse certif., 2009, 2010, 2011
Below the knee­interventional techniques
Interventional Cardiology
Multimedica Hospital, Milano, ItalyCourse certif., 2011
Below the knee­interventional techniques
Interventional Cardiology
Toloz­Chenaz (Medtronic House), SwitzerlandCourse certif., 2011
TAVI program: the CoreValve system
Interventional Cardiology
San Raffaele Hospital, Milano, ItalyCourse certif., 2011
TAVI program: the Edward Sapien system
Interventional Cardiology
San Raffaele Hospital, Milano, ItalyCourse certif., 2012
TAVI program: the CoreValve system
Interventional Cardiology
Bruxelles, BelgiumBVS Absorb advanced users, 2013Interventional Cardiology
Sant'Anna University, Pisa, Italy
University Master II in structural Heart/Peripheral disease, 2016-2017
Interventional Cardiology

Professional Experience

Position/TitleName and Location of Institution (City, State or Province and Country)Dates

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist; Chief of Research, Innovation and Development of the Cardiac Dpt
A.O. Fatebenefratelli, Milano, ItalyMay 2012 - June 2018
Member of the working group on peripheral circulation
European Society of Cardiology (ESC)September 2011
Board member of the working group on transradial interventions (Italian Radial Force)
Italian Radial Force/Club RadialeOctober 2012
Medical Manager (Interventional Cardiologist); Chief of Research, Innovation and Development of the Cardiac Dpt
Humanitas Gavazzeni, Bergamo, ItalyMarch 2011 - ­April 2012
Medical Manager (Interventional Cardiologist)
Ospedale Maggiore PoliclinicoNovember 2009 - ­February 2011
Medical Manager (Interventional Cardiologist)
Ospedale della Misericordia, Grosseto ItalyNovember 2007 – November 2009
Medical Manager (Interventional Cardiologist)
Chiavari Hospital, Chiavari, ItalyAugust 2006 – January 2007
Service operator (Interventional Cardiologist)
Clinical Phisiology Institute (CNR), Pisa and Massa, ItalyJanuary – March 2006
Service operator (Interventional Cardiologist)
Ospedale Maggiore della Carità, Cardiology Unit II, Novara, ItalyNovember 2005 – January 2006

Previous and current participation in multicenter clinical trials

Indication of TrialClinical Phase of Trial (I­IV)Role in TrialYear in which trial was conducted
Rinspirate-­IT (device for thrombus aspiration)III; internationalInvestigator2005 - ­2006
STAR Trial (Stenting and High­Dose Bolus of Tirofiban or Aciximab in improving Reperfusion and clinical outcome of angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction)IVInvestigator2005
Stent register at sirolimus Cypher (Cordis E­-SELECT)IV; internationalInvestigator2007
Clopidogrel dosage in acute coronary syndrome (CURRENT­ - OASIS 7)IV; internationalInvestigator2007
Management of elderly patients with ACS – ELDERLY ACS STUDYIVInvestigator2008
PROBI VIRIIVChairman; Coordinator; primary Investigator2007 - ­2008
Cangrelor in ACS – CHAMPION PCI STUDYIII; internationalPrimary Investigator2008­ - 2009
Cangrelor in ACS – CHAMPION PLATFORM STUDYIII; internationalPrimary Investigator2009
Kaname stent in coronary arteries (KARE study)III; internationalInvestigator2010
Bivalirudin during STEMI (ERA study)III; internationalPrimary Investigator2010
Bivalirudin during STEMI (AGE-­MI)IIIPrimary Investigator2011
Radial vs Femoral route for PCI, MATRIX studyIV; internationalPrimary Investigator2011
Drug coated balloon in small coronary vessels, the PICCOLETO II studyIVChairman; Coordinator; primary Investigator2014
MATRIX study: Italian Coordinator (centre - ­nord of Italy): 8000 patientsIV; internationalPrimary Investigator/ country coordinator2012
Italy DISAPPEARS registry (Absorb BVS)IVPrimary Investigator2014
Italy RAI registry (Absorb BVS)IVPrimary Investigator2014
Falcon In.Pact Registry, Italian CoordinatorIV; internationalPrimary Investigator/ country coordinator2014
BIVAL trialIIIb; internationalPrimary Investigator/country coordinator2014
RENASCENT II trial (Amaranth
biovascular scaffold)
II; internationalPrimary Investigator2015-ongoing
RENASCENT III trial (Amaranth
biovascular scaffold)
II; internationalPrimary Investigator2016
TWILIGHTIII; internationalPrimary Investigator2016
CAPITALIVPrimary Investigator2016
DUBIUSIVPrimary Investigator2016
EASTBOURNE registryIII; internationalChairman; Primary
TRANSFORM II Sirolimus-coated balloon vs EES in small vesselsIII; internationalChairman; Primary Investigator2018
TRANSFORM I Sirolimus-coated balloon vs paclitaxel DCB in small vesselsIII; internationalPrimary Investigator2018
ROCK I study (OCT guidance during LM PCI)III; internationalChairman; Primary Investigator2017-2018
ROCK I study (OCT guidance during LM PCI)III; internationalChairman; Primary Investigator2018-ongoing
DEDICATE (DES) III; nationalPrimary Investigator 2017-ongoing
HALE-BOPP (FFR) III; internationalPrimary Investigator2017-ongoing
PERSEO (antithrombotics) III; nationalPrimary Investigator 2018-ongoing
iMODERN (RCT STEMI complete vs incomplete revascularization)III; international; RCT Primary InvestigatorEC pending
SMILE (Shockwave) III; nationalPrimary Investigator2019-ongoing
MASTER (cangrelor) III; nationalPrimary Investigator 2019-ongoing
ADHERE (antiplatelets in patients undergoing surgery) III; national Primary InvestigatorEC pending
SCAD REGISTRY (ESC study on SCAD) III; international Primary InvestigatorEC pending
ABILITY study (DES in diabetic pts) III; international; RCT Primary InvestigatorEC pending
REFORM (biolimus DCB) II; international; RCT Steering committee; Primary Investigator EC pending
DIFFER (FFR)IV; nationalInvestigator2019-ongoing
HALE-BOPP (FFR)IV; nationalInvestigator2018-ongoing
PREPARE (sirolimus vs paclitaxel DCB)IV; internationalChairman 2019-ongoing
IV; internationalDSMB Member2020-ongoing
ROTASHOCK (Shockwave
IV; nationalInvestigator2020-ongoing
CORALYS (heart failure in ACS)IV; nationalInvestigator2020-ongoing
TARGET FIRST (DAPT duration in
IV; internationalInvestigatorEC pending
INTERCLIMA (OCT in com plex
coronary lesions)
IV; nationalInvestigator2021-ongoing
PRO DAVID (DCB in bifurcation
IV; internationalSteering Comm memberEC pending
CRUNCH (Shockwave lithotripsy in
underexpanded stents)
IV; internationalInvestigator2020-ongoing
HOPE (Cardiovascular management
in Covid patients)
IV; internationalInvestigator2020-ongoing
in complex lesions)
IV; international; RCTChairman2021-ongoing

Recent faculty member at major international meetings
MEET 2012, RomeMEET 2012, RomeCharing Cross 2012, London
CRT meeting (Washington DC), young leader year 2012CRT 2013, Washington DCEuroPCR 2013, Paris
Indian College of Cardiology 2013, TrivandrumTCT 2013, San FranciscoFirst International DCB Course, Milano 2014 (Course Promoter, Director and Organizer)
AIM RADIAL 2014, ChicagoAIM RADIAL 2015, LiverpoolDCB Course 2015, Madrid
GISE 2015 (Scientific Committee)EuroPCR 2016, ParisAIM RADIAL 2016, Budapest
TOBI 2016TCT 2016, Washington DCGISE 2016 (Scientific Committee)
JIM 2017, MilanoTCT Russia 2017
Third International DCB Course, Berlin 2016 (Course Director)CRT 2017, Washington DCEuroPCR 2017, Paris
TCT 2017, Denver, USJIM 2018, MilanoCRT 2018, Washington DC, US (Course Director)
TCT Asia-Pacific 2018, Seoul, S. CoreaEuroPCR 2018, ParisTCT 2018, San Diego, US
JIM 2019, Milano, ItalyIndia Live 2019, Mumbai, IndiaEuroPCR 2019, Paris
C3, Orlando, 6.19Solaci 2019, San Paulo, BrasilTCT Asia-Pacific 2019, Seoul, S. Corea
TCT 2019, San Francisco, USASSA 2019, Shenzen China 12.2019JIM 2020, Milano, 2.20
CRT 2020, Washington, 2.20Indialive 2020, New Delhi, 2.20TCTAP, Seoul, 4.20
C3, Orlando, 6.20TCT 2020, Miami, 9.20CardioAlex 2020, web, 10.20
CRT 2021, 4.21EuroPCR 2021CHIP 2021, Milano, 10.21
CardioAlex 2021

Main competences

SettingTypeTime course
Clinical CardiologyEchocardiography2001 - ongoing
Interventional CardiologyCoronary Percutaneous Interventions2004 - ­ongoing
Interventional CardiologyPeripheral Percutaneous Interventions2007­ - ongoing
Interventional CardiologyTranscatheter aortic valve implantations (Corevalve & Edward Sapien systems)2011 - ­ongoing
Interventional CardiologyPeripheral Interventions2011 - 2012

Fields of expertise

Average increase in the number of PCIs in the cath labs where I have been working (years 2007-2018):
+6.2% per year
Transradial PCI (since 2003), currently >95% of coronary procedures
Diabetic foot PTA
Transradial peripheral interventions (iliac, mesenteric, renal, carotid), expert in iliac transradial PTA
Drug coated balloons in the coronary and peripheral field
Bioresorbable scaffolds (coronary)
Antithrombotics in the cath lab (bivalirudin, cangrelor, ticagrelor, abciximab)
Dr Cortese conceived the Italian Guidelines on Drug-Eluting Balloon angioplasty in the coronary field, that were endorsed by the Italian Scientific Society of Interventional Cardiology (GISE), and published both in italian and english - 2014
Dr Cortese conceived the International Guidelines on Drug-Eluting Balloon angioplasty in the peripheral field, in press. Steering Committee: B Cortese, B Scheller, J Granada, T Zeller - 2015
Patent pending for drug-delivery intra-arterial device
Endurance and stress sports – atlets’ handling and cardiovascular risk assessment

International Journals (Reviewer/Editorial Board member)

Eurointervention (Editorial Board)

Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine (Editorial Board)

American Journal of Cardiology
International Journal of Cardiology
Indian Journal of Medical Sciences
Circulation Cardiovascular Interventions
JACC Cardiovascular Interventions
Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
Future Cardiology
PloS One (Editorial Board)
American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs
Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine (Associate Editor)
PloS One (Editor)
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders (Associate Editor)

Scientific production (see attachment)
Over 230 publications in peer-reviewed international journals, Pub Med indexed, English language (see attachment).

In 2014 the ESC-recognized Fellowship in Advanced Interventional Cardiology was started, and thereafter moved with myself at San Carlo Clinic in June 2018.

Dr Cortese is among the Experts, worldwide, on the drug-eluting balloon technology, and is currently organizing the “DEB School”, aiming at teaching the technical issues related to this new technology. Until June 2019, 10 Editions of the DEB School were organized so far.

He is member of the working group on peripheral interventions of the European Society of Cardiology; ESC; EAPCI (European Association on PCI); AHA; GISE. He is currently Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (since 2009). He acts as member of the scientific committee of GISE (since 2014).

He is member of the board of directors of the “Italian Club Radiale/Italian Radial Force” (that assembles all the cath labs performing transradial interventions in Italy), being in charge of its scientific production.

Since 2014 he is member of the Scientific Committee of GISE.

Other interests & Activities:
Ski, cycling.
He is a member of the Rotary Milano Leonardo da Vinci and he is serving in the Board of Directors and previously served as President.

Bernardo Cortese, MD
June 11th 2020