Fellowship Training 2015

This year, we had 2 wonderful colleagues from the Azienda Ospedaliera Giaccone of Palermo, Dr Davide Piraino, an interventional cardiologist, and Dr Dario Buccheri, a resident in training for interventional cardiology.
We spent a lot of time together, and did high quality research.



They also joined the IV edition of the DEB School and had 2 direct presentations with the Chinese colleagues-we had a very good time.



The main focuses of their research program, that consisted in the publication of 8 English articles in peer-reviewed and impacted Journals (and there’s still number on the go…), were the following:

-Biovascular Scaffold -complication & RAI registry (D Piraino, D Buccheri);
-In-stent restenosis (D Piraino);
-Stent thrombosis (D Piraino);
-DCB for chronic coronary total occlusion (D Buccheri);
-DCB for in-stent restenosis (D Piraino, D Buccheri);
-BVS Survey Sci-Experts vs Tech-Experts (D Buccheri);
-Manual Thrombectomy for acute pulmonary embolism (D Buccheri).

You will find the publications in the relative section, once the article will be proof-checked.