EASTBOURNE registry finished the enrollment

EASTBOURNE registry finished the enrollment


EASTBOURNE registry finished the enrollment a few days ago, with the terrific number of 2100 patients reached: this is the largest coronary DCB study ever done.

EASTBOURNE is a prospective registry and will describe the immediate and long term performance of the novel Magic Touch sirolimus-coated balloon for any coronary application. Interesting, this is an investigator-driven study without bias or inferences from the industry.

I want to congratulate each investigator of the study and Prof Antonio Colombo, co-chairman of the study.

Top enrollers are: L. Testa, T. Heang, A. Ielasi, I. Bossi, R. Latini, L. Yan, I. Sanchez, D. Milazzo, G. Caiazzo, F. Tomai, G. Di Palma, S. Benincasa, M. Montorfano, A. Nuruddin, G. Stefanini, G. Seresini, R. Singh, G. Cacucci.

You can find the interim analysis publication (600 pts @1y.) here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32740442/

Stay tuned!


Bernardo Cortese, MD FESC

DCB clinical data and the role of scoring balloon in preparing the lesion-Webinar during GISE 2020

Quale ruolo ha la predilatazione prima dell’impiago del pallone medicato? Cosa è preferibile usa per preparare ottimamente la lesione? Revisione dei dati clinici del pallone medicato Sequent Please

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Is paclitaxel associated with higher mortality? The DCB in periphery conundrum: my perspective

About one year ago, a metanalysis conducted by Dr. Katsanos and Coll. showed an increase in mortality following the use of paclitaxel-coated balloons / stents when used for femoro-popliteal PTA. The whole sector was evidently shocked as a result to this metanalysis, and many actions (some of them absolutely unjustified) have been taken since then.

After one year, after a necessary cooling off period and further analyses, it is time for me to take a clear position on the matter.

Therefore, we are presenting our point of view regarding the topic, as expressed in some published editorials.

Today we are presenting the following one:

“The hypothesis of an increased mortality following paclitaxel coated device use in peripheral vascular interventions (and the emerging era of meta-analysis based evidence)” 22.10.19