Fellows of the Fellowship Program in Interventional Cardiology, years 2016-2017

These 2 guys joined us in the Fellowship Program in Interventional Cardiology beginning in September 2016, up to the entire duration of 2017. They were chosen among a list of 6 young physicians that were interested in our research program.
Dr. Mostafa Elwany is a Cardiologist from the University of Alexandria, Egypt. He started with basic knowledge in coronary interventions and after 6 months he improved his proficiencies. From the research point of view, he has been mostly involved in BVS, the treatment of BVS restenosis, and drug coated balloons for the peripheral district.

Dr. Gaetano Di Palma is a resident in Cardiology from the University of Naples. He is getting more and more expert in elective coronary angioplasties. In the research field he has been involved in several trials: he is co-PI of the TWILIGHT study at our center; co-PI of the PICCOLETO II; co-PI of the MATISSE; co-PI of the FASICO. His papers are in the following thematics: drug coated balloons (paclitaxel and sirolimus); left main stem angioplasty; auto-expandable stents; QCA analysis; BVS.