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EuroPCR 22: EASTBOURNE Registry LBCT interview

 Bernardo Cortese (Fondazione Ricerca e Innovazione Cardiovascolare, IT) discusses the main findings from the EASTBOURNE Study, that investigated the sirolimus-coated balloon in an all-comer population.

Findings are positive as regards the device’s safety and efficacy profile, with the primary endpoint of target lesion revascularization (TLR) occurring in 6% of the population.

Full interview available here:



EuroPCR 2022 – First Symposium- Current Role of Paclitaxel-DCB in PCI

Fondazione RIC is inviting you.

It is a real pleasure and honor, to share and invite you at the first co-sponsorized symposium on paclitaxel DCB, during EuroPCR 2022. The Course will have the top-in-class Experts on the DCB technology, and will be held in ROOM 252B, Wednesday 18th, 16.30-17.30. Join us if you are attending this years’ EuroPCR!

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Course Programme @ https://bit.ly/3OY2nkw

Accademia di Alta Formazione Clinica per Medici del Territorio

Un percorso Formativo Clinico-Pratico rivolto ai MMG Lombardi, ideato e condotto dal Dr Fabio Lucio Albini-la Fondazione RIC e’ onorata di parteciparvi, con una lezione tenuta dal Dr Cortese presso l’Aula Magna dell’Universita’ di Milano, Sabato 12 Marzo 2022. Sessione molto interattiva, che ha mostrato il crescente interesse della Medicina del Territorio per le tematiche Cardiovascolari. Nell’ottica di migliorare l’interazione Territorio-Ospedale.

La sessione del Dr Cortese, che ha seguito quella tenuta dal Prof Carugo sullo Scompenso Cardiaco, verteva sui temi ‘hot’ della Cardiologia Interventistica.


Maggiori dettagli sul programma al seguente link:



Sabato 12 Marzo 2022, Università Statale di Milano

Approccio e gestione integrata delle forme non gravi di patologie cardiologiche di interesse internistico sul territorio: scompenso cardiaco, cardiopatie ischemiche, aritmie.

EuroPCR 2019-LBCT session on intravascular imaging

Pls take your time to give a look at the ROCK II LBCT presentation, during latest EuroPCR, within the intravascular imaging LBCT session!

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Sirolimus coated balloon-presentation at DCB meeting in Birmingham UK

This is the short presentation for the DCB Course held in Birmingham, UK. This course, whose Director was S. Eccleshall, gathered the most experienced DCB-players worldwide. We shared our experiences and had fun – top experiences and science for the DCB fans!

SCB early clnical experience
FINAL DCB 8pp Flyer Proof

EuroPCR coverage 2

This is MATRIX time @ EuroPCR 2016.

I had the privilege of presenting one of the most important subsidies of the Matrix trial, PI Marco Valgimigli, assessing the role of transradial vs. transfemoral PCI either in STEMI or NSTE-ACS patients undergoing invasive management.

Results were consistent with the main publication in Lancet last year, showing a significant benefit in terms of NACE and a strong trend in terms of improvement of MACE for the transradial approach.

EuroPCR coverage 1

This is the official TCTMD report on the late-breaking clinical trial session on BVS at the latest EuroPCR.

I am proud of being part of it, presenting the short-term data of the RAI registry. And I am also proud that our centre was the second top enroller centre in both the RAI and IT-DISAPPEARS registry!


Bivalirudin use-an update after the Matrix trial

This is the presentation I had at the CCIF meeting at Guiyang, China, April 2015.

Which is the current role of Bivalirudin in ACS patients, nowadays? Did the Matrix trial change the scenario, or created more confusion on the matter?


FinalBivalirudin presentation China

Recent Faculty at international/national meetings (since 2010)

Congresso della Società di Cardiologia Interventistica Italiana (GISE) Genova October 2015
CCIF, China Cardiovascular Meeting, Hong King, April 2015
Abbott Absorb BVS Advisory Board, Milano March 2015
GISE TOLOVE Clinical Interventional Forum, Bologna, January 2015
IV DEB School, Milan, January 2015
Meeting scientifico Ospedale Monaldi, Napoli Dicembre 2014
Breaking news in interventistica cardiovascolare, Milano Novembre 2014
GISE TOLOVE Clinical Interventional Forum, Venezia, November 2014
AIM RADIAL, Chicago, October 2014
Congresso della Società di Cardiologia Interventistica Italiana (GISE) Genova October 2014
GISE TOLOVE Clinical Interventional Forum, Grosseto, September 2014
FIRST INTERNATIONAL LIVE DCB COURSE, Milano May 2014 (Course Promoter, Director and Organizer)
Trinations, Cagliari June 2014
GISE TOLOVE Clinical Interventional Forum, Gardone, May 2014
DEB School III, Milan, February 2014 (Course Director)
Rumors about innovations, Milano December 2013
TCT 2013 (San Francisco, October 2013): International Faculty
Congresso della Società Italiana di Cardiologia (GISE), Genova Ottobre 2013
Indian College of Cardiology Conference 2013 (ICCAD 13) & IECR, Trivandrum, Kerala, India, September 2013
GISE Lombardia Clinical Interventional Forum, Stresa, September 2013
DEB School II, Milan, June 2013 (Course Director)
EuroPCR 2013, Paris, France, May 2013
GISE-ANMCO Clinical Interventional Forum, Lido di Camaiore, May 2013
SEIC, Berlin, Germany, April 2013
DEB School I, Milan, April 2013 (Course Director)
GISE-ANMCO Clinical Interventional Forum, Lazise (VR), April 2013
VII Indo-European Course on Revascularization, Basil, CH 2013 (Course co-director)
CRT meeting, Washington DC January 2013
V Endotask Symposium, Bergamo October 2012
Congresso della Società Italiana di Cardiologia (GISE), Genova Ottobre 2012
TRI NATIONS, Radial workgroup, Turin, 19-29 April 2012
CHARING CROSS Peripheral meeting, London, 14-17 April 2012
LINC Leipzig Course on revascularization, Leipzig, Germany, January 2012
CRT, Washington, US, February 2012 (Young Leader)
MEET meeting, Rome, December 2011
Clinical Interventional Forum, GISE Lombardia, Milan, November 2011
VI Indo-European Course on Revascularization, Rome, Italy November 2011 (Course co-director)
Congresso della Società Italiana di Cardiologia (GISE), Genova Ottobre 2011
IV Endotask Symposium, Bergamo October 7-8 2011
Young for…lux, Zerman di Mogliano Veneto, March 2011. Biotronik sponsored meeting
V Indo-European Course on Revascularization, New Dehli, India January 2011 (recorded presentation)
La vasculopatia diabetica polidistrettuale, Clinica Sant’Ambrogio, Milano, 27.11.2010.
Balloon Angioplasty reborn, local drug delivery to treat coronary and arterial occlusive disease, Berlin, October 2010
Congresso della Società Italiana di Cardiologia (GISE), Genova Ottobre 2010
IV Indo-European Course on Revascularization, Amsterdam, August 2010

the role of BVS in 2015

The most widely used Biovascular Scaffold worldwide, namely Absorb, Abbott, is a real revolution in interventional cardiology. A lot of things changed after BVS became available, however we learned that, most importantly, the approach to PCI did change as well: like for DCB-PCI, it is not just like to implant a stent here!

This is the presentation I made at Stresa, a national meeting organized by AS Bongo, Novara Hospital, in May 2015.

Cortese for website